Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites During Traveling

Ways to Avoid Mosquito Bites During Traveling

Vacationing is an activity that is almost liked and needed by everyone. Vacation important to relieve fatigue from daily activities with friends or family. However, there is one insect that is always ready to standby in your vacation time. Yes, they are mosquitoes, animals that bite and not only cause itching on your skin but can cause dangerous diseases such as dengue fever and malaria.

Let’s see the following ways to avoid it!

1. Wearing Clothes with Bright Colors

Mosquitoes actually like dark colors more than bright colors. dark colors are preferred and more attractive to mosquitoes. It happened because, according to the time, mosquitos are usually gone out at night. Therefore, wearing lighter clothes is one of the most effective ways to avoid mosquito bites.

2. Wear Mosquito Bands

Mosquitos band is a product in the form of a ribbon bracelet made of silicon that is worn on the wrist. This bracelet functions to keep mosquitoes away. However, in addition to mosquitoes, this bracelet also helps avoid insects, pests, and flies. There are many benefits if you buy these Mosquito Bands. By wearing these bands, you are safe from any insect bites for two days. These bands look simple, comfortable, and safe to use. This band is also fashionable and waterproof. This mosquito bracelet emits the scent of citronella. Only used this bracelet on the wrist and not to wear on the ankle. For more detailed information, you can see on this website https://www.mozzigear.com.au/product/mosquito-band-2-wrist-band-pack/

3. Using Anti-Mosquito Lotion

This method is a method often used by people to avoid mosquito bites while traveling. This anti-mosquito lotion can easily be obtained at the supermarket or the nearest store, but the anti-mosquito lotion can only be used on the exposed skin.

4. Avoid and eliminate puddles

Mosquitoes are animals that can be said to breed in water. So, try to get rid of stagnant water around you. Try to empty objects that make stagnant water, such as buckets, used cans, and plastic garbage that has piled up.

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