How to Prepare for Tan before Wedding?

How to Prepare for Tan before Wedding?

Every girl dreams of looking their best on their wedding day—most would-be-bride desire for a smooth and flawless golden glow on the biggest day of their lives. The search for UV tanning salons near me goes up during the wedding season, and for apparent reasons. Indoor tanning, like spray tanning, is the best way to achieve natural-looking glow on the skin.

Whether it’s your wedding or your best friend’s, you would be wondering how to spray tan for the big event. When preparing for the wedding, from the dress to the makeup, everything requires planning. All your decisions will affect your tanning process, so start your preparation early. Giving as much thought to your tan shade as you give to other details will elevate your overall look.

Here are a few tips that will help you achieve that perfect and flawless tan skin for the wedding.

Tips 1: Choose the Right Tan Shade

When it comes to spray tanning, choosing the right shade is essential. Make sure the tone you have selected isn’t too dark or too pale on your complexion.  Always consider your skin complexion and skin undertone to choose the right tan shade.

Tips 2: Take a Tan Trail One Month Before

Timing is critical in achieving that natural-looking golden glow on your skin. Try the tan one month before the wedding and do a complete look test. This way, you will know how you will look on your big day with the tan and makeup.

Those who haven’t had any spray tanning experience before starting visiting the largest tanning salon chains a few months before the actual wedding. The more time you allow the tan to set, the more natural it will look on the wedding day.

Tips 3 Do Patch Test

Wedding planning is not an easy feat. Tan trail is not always possible if you are too occupied with wedding errands. If you are unable to make a complete tan trail, go for a patch test. Do the tan test on a small patch of skin that will be covered like lower back, stomach, or legs. Doing so will give you a better idea of which tan shade to choose.

Tips 4 Exfoliate and Moisturize for the Spray Tan

Preparing the skin for spray tan procedure is another essential step no one should overlook. Preparing your skin will ensure you have a uniform shade and no dark patches. Exfoliate the day before getting the tan so that all the dead skin cells slough off from the skin surface, allowing the tan solution to penetrate deep and set properly. The body parts that are dry like the hands, knees, heels, elbows should be moisturized thoroughly so that they get tanned evenly.

Tips 5 Tan Two Days Before the Wedding

Most would-be brides wonder when is the best to go for the spray tan. Since spray tan takes over eight hours to set, fix a tanning appointment at least two days before the wedding. In two-day time the tan solution will nicely settle on your skin, giving your skin a healthy glow on your special day.

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