Guidelines for Choosing Safe Herbal Supplements and Medications

Guidelines for Choosing Safe Herbal Supplements and Medications

Nowadays, many herbal products on the market known to contain chemicals that can cause serious side effects, such as heart problems and blood pressure. Many supplement products are illegal. For that, as a consumer, you must be wiser in buying herbal medicines, such as the one you can get from at Chittaway Pharmacy. This place provides the best safe herbal products at affordable prices.

Here are tips for those of you to choose supplements and herbal medicines

How to Choose Supplements and Herbal Medicines that are Safe for Consumption?

1. Check the Packaging

Before buying, carefully check the packaging. Make sure the packaging is not torn, chipped, dented, perforated, rusty and leaking. Check when the product is made and when the expiration date. Also, make sure that the following information is included on the label of all herbal supplements:

  • Name of supplement
  • Name or address of the factory or distributor
  • Complete list of ingredients – either in the brochure included in the package or the container
  • Suggested serving, dosage, and amount of active ingredients

2. Read the Label

Read and examine the packaging label. Are there any contraindications and restrictions? What is the correct way to use it? Is there a daily dose limit? What are the active ingredients that might be contained in it? Do you have an allergy to one of the compositions listed? Does your doctor forbid you from taking any of the ingredients? Are there any restrictions on food, drinks, medicines, and activities that should be avoided when taking these herbal medicines?

Herbal supplement manufacturers are responsible for ensuring the claims they make about their products. Every manufactures will always make sure their claim has evidence.

3. See the Drug Group Logo

To declared safe, the product must be scientifically proven through a series of clinical trials. Herbal medicines must be tested for dosage, method of use, effectiveness, monitoring of side effects, and their interactions with other drug compounds.

4. Not Everyone Can Take Herbal Medicine

Taking herbal medicines as an alternative to complementing synthetic drugs (both prescription and non-prescription) is permissible. Herbal medicines that are formulated from stew herbs are relatively safe since the toxic substances that may contain in it have changed its structures so it will be safe to consume. However, herbal medicines that are formulated with other methods must always be questioned for their safety.

Herbal supplements usually only show benefits if taken regularly in the long run. However, pay attention to the dose and time of use of herbal medicine if you are currently using other drugs. Herbal medicines should not be taken before medical drugs to avoid the risk of interaction of chemical compounds and should be consumed 1-2 hours after medical drugs.

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