Give a Last Beautiful Tribute to the People We Love

Give a Last Beautiful Tribute to the People We Love

The death of a best friend or loved one is a very difficult and emotional moment. Therefore it is very important to understand the various types of funeral rites. Academy Funeral Services is an organization that provides funeral services that can help us to let go of our relatives and friends properly and calmly. Funeral services provided by Academy Funeral Services are willing to do what family wants in the funerals. By knowing the customs and habits of the existing funeral rites, an appropriate burial ceremony can be carried out without offending the family left behind. Here are some things to consider during funeral based on some tradition, religion or culture :

Protestants: Common sympathy expressed by sending greeting cards, attending funerals, sending flowers to the family of the deceased or the funeral home, donating to charity, or bringing food to the family of the deceased’s family. Funeral services in Protestantism emphasize life after death and celebrate the lives of people who die through memories and testimonials. At funerals, we are dressed modestly.

Catholic: Arrangements of mourning flowers can be sent to a funeral home or a family residence. Donations can be sent on behalf of the deceased to the charity of their choice. Candles and flowers will adorn many funeral ceremonies.

Buddha: White flowers are a type of flower commonly used at Buddhist funerals and can be sent to the families. During the funeral service, it is customary to light candles until the deceased’s body is taken to the burial place or crematorium. The funeral ceremony will be led by a monk in the funeral home.

Hindu: The funeral will be led by a Hindu priest and family member. The last tribute ceremony will be carried out and followed by cremation 24 hours after death. Ten days after death, a ceremony will be held at the home of the deceased to free the soul in the hope to reach heaven.

Muslim: Muslim funeral emphasizes simplicity and joint activities to send prayers to the deceased.

Based on the various types of funeral services above, it is better if we can do a proper funeral service as a last tribute. If you need help with a funeral service, please come to the Academy Funeral Services address at 10 Jane Street Blacktown NSW 2148 or contact the contact person through this number: 02 9688 7977.

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