5 Stylish Ideas For Wavy Hair

5 Stylish Ideas For Wavy Hair

Taking care of wavy hair is tricky because the structure tends to be thick. Wavy hair is often combined with various models of haircuts. However, if you choose a less appropriate style, it is not impossible your hair will be easily damaged and look messy. For that, you can consult the Head Office Hair Specialist so you have a style as you wish.

Below are 5 ideas of styling wavy hair:

Medium Wavy Bob

Determine the haircut model, such as the style of medium wavy bob can be used as an option. Not only makes the appearance looks more chic, a medium-sized wavy bob hairstyle will make your hair looks like it has more volume. The wave accent that becomes your strength will look even more prominent. To make your appearance with this hairstyle more maximal, try drying your hair with a hairdryer from the backside after every shampoo. After that, rub the strands of your hair with your hands to create a natural wave pattern thoroughly on your hair. You are ready to attract attention with a simple but stylish hairdo.

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

If you are a person who likes a unique style and likes to look different, a wavy asymmetrical bob haircut is a great choice. This hairstyle is suitable for modern women who have a high fashion sense. Asymmetrical Bob haircut models emphasize the bob hairstyle that has different lengths. In addition to making the hair have more volume, this piece can also cover the chubby cheeks and make you look thinner. To display an increasingly stylish hairstyle statement, it is recommended to choose thin side bangs to compliment this hairstyle.

Wavy Pixy Cut

Who says the owner of wavy hair can’t look good with short haircuts? To make the way of taking care of the wavy hair easier, it is not always bad to cut your hair short. In this case, the wavy pixy cut style can be a good choice. You are free to choose the preference of hair length and provide a layer of accent with a slightly different length. However, for maximum performance, you are advised to maintain rather thick hair on the backside so that it is easily styled.

Wavy Bob with Bangs

If you have a square face structure and wavy hair, then adding bangs can be an appropriate alternative. Not only it provide an extra element to sweeten the appearance, the presence of bangs will also make your face look more narrow. If you want to appear bolder, cutting your bangs short and combining them with the classic bob style will make your appearance look both unique and stylish. However, if you prefer a feminine look, combining a wavy bob hairstyle with a slightly long side pony will make the appearance look sweet and elegant.

Short Wavy Hair with Middle Part

Short wavy hairstyles with a middle split are classic. This haircut is also very suitable for you who has an oval face, because it can make the face not look too long. Since it is simple and does not require special treatment, how to style wavy hair with this haircut is also very easy. Just add a pin or headband, you can look nice and ready to steal the attention.

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